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Providing our students with a safe and positive learning environment.

Idyllwilde Elementary staff work diligently to provide our students with a safe and positive learning environment that prepares children for the careers of tomorrow. In the core curriculum areas of English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Writing, and Science, students are presented with a wide variety of learning experiences to ensure mastery of important skills during engaging and innovative lessons. Through the use of datadriven instruction, flexible interactive learning groups, individualized differentiated instruction, researched-based strategies and materials, targeted enrichment and intervention programs, the integration of technology and media, and an emphasis on process, not just product, Idyllwilde teachers and staff foster understanding and enthusiasm for learning in our students.

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English Language Arts and Mathematics standards for K-5 students.

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Clubs & Activities

A variety of extracurricular opportunities are available for students at Idyllwilde.

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Learn more about this personalized student instruction targeted to students’ unique areas of need and mobile apps to boost achievement.

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News6 Orlando feature on Project ELEVATE at Idyllwilde Elementary, a program to identify a broader group to participate in gifted studies.

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